How Can One Inspire Others?

How Can One Inspire Others?

How Can One Inspire Others?

Seeking to elevate the spirits and drive of those around you? We’ve gathered six profound pieces of advice from CEOs and business owners, the voices of experience and leadership. From leading by example with genuine enthusiasm to modeling passion and recognizing team achievements, discover how these leaders inspire and motivate their teams.

  • Lead by Example with Genuine Enthusiasm
  • Use the Compliment Sandwiching Technique
  • Share Personal Stories of Overcoming Adversity
  • Create an Inclusive, Collaborative Environment
  • Empower with Invincibility and Belonging
  • Model Passion and Recognize Team Achievements

Lead by Example with Genuine Enthusiasm

When you are genuinely excited about a project, goal, or idea, it is contagious and can inspire others to feel the same way. By demonstrating dedication, commitment, and a positive attitude, you can motivate those around you to give their best and strive for excellence.

For example, when I was leading a team on a challenging project, I made sure to communicate my own excitement and belief in the project’s potential. I worked alongside my team, showed them the value of their contributions, and celebrated milestones and achievements. This created a positive and motivating environment where everyone felt energized and motivated to give their best.

Additionally, taking the time to listen to others, provide support, and recognize their efforts is crucial in inspiring and motivating. People want to feel valued and appreciated for their contributions. By offering genuine praise, constructive feedback, and opportunities for growth, you can create an environment that fosters motivation and encourages individuals to reach their full potential.

Kevin ShahbaziKevin Shahbazi
CEO & Co-Founder, LogMeOnce

Use the Compliment Sandwiching Technique

I’m in a unique position to inspire people daily. Candidates and clients often come to me discouraged about the job hunt, and that’s a perfect opportunity to step in and motivate.

But, of course, I also have to deliver bad news regularly.

The key, I’ve found, to staying encouraging when the situation is negative, is a technique called “compliment sandwiching.” Anytime I’m letting a candidate know that the role didn’t work out, I begin by telling them all the ways they impressed the hiring manager. Only then do I hit them with the fact that they didn’t land the job, and then quickly follow up with a new opportunity perfect for them.

This technique has a great effect outside of work too, and so I also employ it for hard topics with family and friends.

Travis HannTravis Hann
Partner, Pender & Howe

Share Personal Stories of Overcoming Adversity

It’s up to me to keep my team motivated. I used to think that meant regaling them with stories of successful founders and CEOs—accounts I’d read in biographies, mostly. When I did get personal, I stuck to narratives from my own professional life, never delving into family or home matters.

But over the years, I’ve seen the limitations inherent in this kind of conversation. When it comes to inspiration, the story need not be global or the protagonist wildly successful. In fact, it doesn’t need to be about work at all, even though I’m speaking in the office.

Opening up about my personal life provided dozens of examples of overcoming adversity and made for a deeper and more effective connection with my workers.

Rob ReevesRob Reeves
CEO and President, Redfish Technology

Create an Inclusive, Collaborative Environment

In my experience, leading by example and showing dedication and passion are the best ways to inspire and motivate others.

One piece of advice I would like to pass on is to create an environment where everyone’s opinions are considered. Such an environment is built on constructive feedback, a positive culture, and recognition. Overall, active listening and collaboration help inspire and motivate those around you.

Faizan KhanFaizan Khan
Public Relation and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy Australia

Empower with Invincibility and Belonging

There are two things I do. I believe these are the only two things you can do, because sustained motivation really is an inside job. But if you’re going to try, do this: 1. Make them feel invincible, and 2. Make them feel like they belong.

Inge Von AulockInge Von Aulock
CEO, Top Apps

Model Passion and Recognize Team Achievements

Setting a good example for others is one useful tactic. Exhibiting passion, dedication, and a robust work ethic has a favorable impact on others. I make an effort to live up to the morals and commitment I look for in my teammates.

This strategy calls for open communication, high standards, and the reliable fulfillment of promises. Openly acknowledging and applauding accomplishments of all sizes also promotes a culture of inspiration and drive among team members. It fosters an atmosphere where everyone feels appreciated and inspired to give their best work when I model the traits I want to see in others and reward their efforts.

Matt LittleMatt Little
Owner, Festoon House

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