How Do You Recharge and Reenergize for Happiness?

How Do You Recharge and Reenergize for Happiness?

How Do You Recharge and Reenergize for Happiness?

Seeking personal rejuvenation and happiness, we’ve gathered five unique techniques from professionals across various fields. From an RN and Founder’s strategy to unplug for balance, to a CEO & Founder’s faith-infused walks with their dog, discover how these experts keep their energy levels high and maintain joy in their lives.

  • Unplug to Balance Work and Fun
  • Prioritize Consistent, Quality Sleep
  • Recharge with Nature’s Beauty
  • Combine Outdoor Walks with Audiobooks
  • Faith-Infused Walks with My Dog

Unplug to Balance Work and Fun

Unplugging. Taking time to disconnect keeps my energy up and ensures I stay balanced, which helps me be happier and more productive when I get back to work. It’s all about hitting that sweet spot between work and fun.

Diane HowardDiane Howard
Rn and Founder, Esthetic Finesse

Prioritize Consistent, Quality Sleep

While you may be looking for a quick fix, research indicates that people really do need an average of 8 hours of sleep each 24-hour day. Consistent rest improves mood, energy levels, immune system response, blood sugar levels, blood pressure levels, skin rejuvenation, cognitive function, and with it, executive function.

It helps you lose weight and gain muscle along with exercise and diet, lowers inflammation, and can reduce chronic and acute pain responses. If you are allowing enough time to sleep (8-9 hours) and still not feeling energetic, figure out if the problem lies in getting to sleep, staying asleep, or getting good quality sleep.

Audio sleep aids, meditation, and breathing exercises can help with getting to sleep. If staying asleep is an issue, once you identify what wakes you up, you can work to modify your behaviors or environment to mitigate the disturbances. If the quality of your sleep is left wanting, then consider getting tested for sleep apnea, which is very common and often undiagnosed.

If your airflow isn’t the issue, then you can modify your environment to help you feel more comfortable, safe, and secure so you can sleep more deeply and wake up more rested each day. Your wellness is the balance of movement, consumption, creation, and rest that works well for you. So make sure you are getting what your body and mind need in each of these categories to help you achieve your best possible mental and physical health.

Helen SernettHelen Sernett
Creator and Host, Sleep Lists

Recharge with Nature’s Beauty

Find time to go outside.

Whether it’s a quick walk alone, sitting by the lake reading a book, or taking the dogs to the park to admire the beauty, I am hard-pressed not to find myself recharged and happy after being outside in nature.

The sounds of the birds singing to each other. The warmth of the sun on my skin early in the morning. The depth of my breaths lengthening. The smell of rain.

Nature recharges the batteries of happiness with ease.

Dympna WeilDympna Weil
Master Coach, Writer, Obgyn, Prescribing Possibilty™ at The Physician Wayfinder

Combine Outdoor Walks with Audiobooks

Walking outdoors while listening to an audiobook recharges me. Even when I feel so tired, getting my heart rate up and being in nature gives me a sense of happiness, contentment, and energy.

Kelli AndersonKelli Anderson
Career Coach, Texas General Insurance

Faith-Infused Walks with My Dog

One technique I find particularly effective for recharging my energy and maintaining happiness is taking long walks with my dog. During these walks, I enjoy listening to podcasts, audiobooks, or spiritual sermons.

As a Christian, integrating my faith into these activities, especially through spiritual content, deeply reinvigorates me and reinforces my sense of happiness. This simple practice helps me stay connected with my beliefs in nature, providing me with a peaceful and uplifting experience.

Samantha KingSamantha King
CEO & Founder of Travelling King, Travelling King

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