What Advice Would You Give to Someone Seeking Inspiration?

What Advice Would You Give to Someone Seeking Inspiration?

In search of that creative spark? We’ve gathered insights from founders and a career coach to illuminate the path to inspiration. From mining personal experiences to seeking unfamiliar experiences for creativity, explore these four profound pieces of guidance on finding inspiration in your life.

  • Mine Personal Experiences for Inspiration
  • Stay Open to Serendipitous Inspiration
  • Embrace Quiet Reflection
  • Seek Unfamiliar Experiences for Creativity


Mine Personal Experiences for Inspiration

Based on my own journey, my guidance to those seeking inspiration is to look within and mine your personal experiences—especially during struggles, setbacks, and uncertainties. The most powerful inspiration often comes when reexamining our deepest challenges and reconnecting to our authentic “why.”

I found my greatest inspiration when I felt overwhelmed by financial insecurity and student debt after college. Revisiting my fear and frustrations reminded me of my core motivations—to attain freedom and fulfillment by helping others overcome similar hardships. That inspired me to start My Millennial Guide.

I often tap back into those pivotal moments to reignite my purpose when lacking direction. I suggest reflecting on times when you felt your strongest convictions, greatest hopes, or most intense breakthroughs. Our unique stories hold remarkable clarity if we rediscover and embrace them.

Additionally, inspiration thrives through fresh inputs and environments. Seek people, media, and activities that resonate with your aspirations. New stimuli rekindle the imagination and unlock inventive possibilities.

Finally, view “inspiration” as a verb—it’s a choice requiring pursuit. We must carve space to specifically listen to our inner wisdom rather than wait for divine delivery. Be proactive in your search within. The most powerful inspirations already live inside you.

Brian Meiggs, Founder, My Millennial Guide


Stay Open to Serendipitous Inspiration

Every day, there is an opportunity to be inspired. It’s impossible to predict, but we can be open to being surprised. It could be a chance meeting, an idea you read, see, or hear about. Remaining open to being surprised and delighted is key because inspiration is available everywhere, but our curiosity, humility, and hope keep our eyes open and ready to receive. Remaining open and hopeful is the key.

Keith Evans, Founder, Keith Evans Photography


Embrace Quiet Reflection

One of my favorite exercises is to simply sit. I take time to sit somewhere quiet, without anything to distract me. I set a timer for about 30 minutes. The first part of this activity can be uncomfortable because your mind is racing. However, after about 10 minutes, the mind calms down, and some of my greatest ideas and inspiration begin to flow. I keep a piece of paper and pen next to me in case I have an idea I don’t want to forget.

Kelli Anderson, Career Coach, Texas General Insurance


Seek Unfamiliar Experiences for Creativity

Inspiration can come from something that is unfamiliar or uncomfortable. Trying out new things, particularly those that we are not accustomed to or good at, can give us a creative push. These experiences can take on new meaning for us.

I became personally inspired when I took a solo trip to a country very foreign to me, and found that the experiences and other people I encountered helped me adopt a new way of being and generated new ideas and goals for myself, through outsourcing inspiration.

Zoe Miller, Strategic Business Leader & Market Analyst, Tea Time Facts