What Does It Feel Like to Be Genuinely Inspired?

What Does It Feel Like to Be Genuinely Inspired?

What Does It Feel Like to Be Genuinely Inspired?

When inspiration strikes, it can transform our entire perspective on life, but what does that feel like? We’ve gathered insights from five professionals, including career coaches and founders, to describe the whirlwind of emotions and sensations that accompany true inspiration. From the surge of physical energy igniting inspiration to how motivation fuels confidence and potential, dive into the experiences that redefine our outlook.

  • Physical Energy Ignites Inspiration
  • Radiant Energy and Creative Flow
  • Euphoria and Clarity Guide Goals
  • Emotional Tornado Sparks Creativity
  • Motivation Fuels Confidence and Potential

Physical Energy Ignites Inspiration

When I’m genuinely inspired, I can physically feel it in my body. There’s an energy that ignites inside, and I feel on top of the world. I do my best to hold onto that feeling and remember it when times get harder.

Kelli AndersonKelli Anderson
Career Coach, Texas General Insurance

Radiant Energy and Creative Flow

When genuine inspiration strikes, it’s like a burst of radiant energy surging through my mind. There’s a palpable excitement, a feeling of heightened awareness, as if the world suddenly becomes more vivid and full of possibilities. Creativity flows effortlessly, and ideas cascade like a waterfall.

Emotionally, there’s a mix of enthusiasm, joy, and a touch of awe. It’s a profound sense of connection with something greater, whether it’s a brilliant idea, a piece of art, or the beauty of the natural world. The ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and even mundane tasks carry a sense of purpose.

Inspiration often brings a positive outlook on life. It instills a belief that challenges can be overcome, that innovation is possible, and that there’s a wellspring of creativity within us. It’s a reminder of the limitless potential inherent in the human experience, creating hope and optimism.

Perry ZhengPerry Zheng
Founder and CEO, Pallas

Euphoria and Clarity Guide Goals

When inspiration truly hits me, it’s like a wave of euphoria washing over me. There’s this incredible sense of clarity and soothing optimism that sweeps through my thoughts, guiding me toward my goals. It’s comparable to those moments when I’m mapping out my plans for the future, or when a word of encouragement pushes me to act on something I’ve been delaying. In these moments, everything seems to fall into place; my purpose becomes unmistakably clear, filling me with a peaceful sense of hope.

For me, true inspiration is a strong feeling inside that pushes me to go after what really matters to me and what I truly dream of. It’s a feeling that comes effortlessly, filled with exhilaration and free from fear.

James McnallyJames Mcnally
Managing Director, SDVH [Self Drive Vehicle Hire]

Emotional Tornado Sparks Creativity

Real inspiration is an emotional tornado and a sensory whirlwind; it is the highest sensation of our perception that is beyond the usual. It is somewhat like seeing an electric current traveling through every nerve in the body, realizing that purpose and creativity have now awakened.

The first wave is a swelling tide of optimism, as if the blood itself contains so much delight that one can feel it pulsate in his or her veins. It is the excitement of discovery: an idea, a work of art, or a searing insight that goes to the core of who you are. This very first punctuation lightens a chain of feelings, igniting toward a warm passion for discovery and invention.

When the spirit of creativity takes hold, visual clarity ensues. Uncertain fog lifts, and from the invisible, a clear vision emerges. Ideas spill readily across the pages, linked by dots of information—star trails that connect like constellations in the night sky. Feelings of connection, as if each piece of thought is fitting into its aforesaid place.

There is also a physical surge of energy, as if a previously barren source had suddenly been opened up. The heart beats faster; there is a feeling of restlessness and haste to make manifest what stirs within, a longing to translate aspiration into action. It is a ballad between the floating about and the real, a uniting of the ethereal and concrete.

The fire of inspiration becomes incessant, and creativity transforms into an uncontrollable power. There is an overstimulated feeling of the senses, and the world becomes more alive. The question posed to the narrator seems to call forth a kaleidoscopic rainbow of potential pathways, each color representing a distinct possibility for adventure and self-discovery.

This depth of inspiration contours the formulation of my worldview. It infuses optimism into the mundane—the mindless assignments we complete every day made meaningful by the pursuit of a larger goal. It makes one aware that genius is not only in the extraordinary but can also come from the areas we have been used to all our lives—it reminds one that the world is a blank canvas waiting for us to paint or draw our creations. Life thus becomes a process of recovery, the search for those moments of euphoric inspiration that transform an otherwise ordinary life into an exceptional one.

Manish ShresthaManish Shrestha
Founder, BiheBazaar Pvt Ltd

Motivation Fuels Confidence and Potential

When I’m truly inspired, I feel like I’ve tapped into an incredible source of energy—motivation. This feeling grows stronger rather than just positive; it gives me the confidence to think that anything is possible for me. It’s a sense of empowerment, a resurgence of confidence in my potential and goals.

With inspiration, barriers that once seemed daunting now become challenges I’m eager to overcome, turning into opportunities for personal growth. This shift in perspective alters not just my approach to goals, but also my entire worldview, painting life as a canvas brimming with potential and exciting new paths to explore.

Danilo MirandaDanilo Miranda
Managing Director, Presenteverso

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