What Does Love Mean to You?

What Does Love Mean to You?

What Does Love Mean to You?

In the quest to unravel the complexities of love, we’ve gathered insights from CEOs and relationship experts. From defining love as an intimate connection to seeing it as profound companionship, explore the diverse perspectives and personal experiences that shape our understanding through these four thoughtful responses.

  • Intimate Connection
  • Enduring Mutual Growth
  • Mirroring Caregivers
  • Profound Connection and Companionship

Intimate Connection

Love is truly sexual. It’s a deep, intimate, physical relationship. It’s ten years into a relationship and still at it twice a day. That brings about a biological response and everything that we can tangibly define as love. And that’s what I’m lucky enough to have with my wife.

Christopher OlsonChristopher Olson
Chief Financial Officer, Surfside Services, LLC

Enduring Mutual Growth

Personally, I define love as a deep, enduring connection that brings out the best in both individuals. It’s a combination of respect, trust, and mutual support.

My understanding of love has been shaped by long-term relationships, both personal and professional, where mutual growth and understanding have been central. These experiences have taught me that love is about giving without expecting anything in return and accepting each other’s flaws while celebrating strengths.

Einav BiriEinav Biri

Mirroring Caregivers

Love is a concept, as much as it is a feeling or a verb. What you expect from love and how you define it will have a significant bearing on the partners you seek and on your level of satisfaction in the relationship.

Our concept of love mirrors our early caregivers—what we observed growing up as interactions or demonstrations of “love” or being in a relationship shapes our own concept of love as we mature into adults. As adults, when we experience a sufficient number of matches or similarities to what we saw from our caregivers, the more “in love” or chemistry we feel in our relationships.

This idea comes from my work with clients and people I’ve known in my personal life who seem to consistently “attract the wrong partner,” only to realize they’ve been attracted to the unfinished business of their past. Their concept of love has been obscured in a way that leads them to form relationships with the wrong types of people.

Ronald HoangRonald Hoang
Couples and Family Counsellor, Ronald Hoang Couples & Family Counselling  Sydney

Profound Connection and Companionship

In my experience, I personally define love as a profound and intricate connection that goes beyond surface-level emotions.

For me, it encompasses care, empathy, understanding, and a deep sense of companionship. My understanding of love has been significantly shaped by a variety of personal experiences, ranging from strong familial bonds to cherished friendships and meaningful romantic relationships. Having encountered situations where selfless acts were evident, enduring challenges together, and sharing moments of joy have all played a crucial role in shaping my unique perspective on love.

Reflecting on my own experiences, I’ve come to understand that love is a dynamic and evolving force, grounded in mutual respect and support.

Andy FryerAndy Fryer
Co-Founder, Easy Signs

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