What’s Your Favorite Memory of Pure Joy?

What's Your Favorite Memory of Pure Joy?

What’s Your Favorite Memory of Pure Joy?

We asked four professionals to share a memory when they experienced pure joy and the emotions it evoked. From a Website Design and Messenger Marketing Expert’s joy in family pizza making to a Lead Writer’s elation in completing a marathon, these stories are sure to inspire and uplift.

  • Joy in Family Pizza Making
  • Fulfillment in Connecting People with Homes
  • Delight on Beach Day with the Family
  • Elation in Completing a Marathon

Joy in Family Pizza Making

The best memory is when my family gets together to make pizza. We all have fun buying the ingredients, while my dad makes the dough. My brother and I grate the cheese, cut the meat, and prepare the tomato sauce with my mom. The entire process is long, but we all laugh and have fun. Then, we help my dad set up the pizza, and once it’s cooked, we all sit down and enjoy it. This brings me joy and happiness, and to this day, pizza is still my favorite food.

Jocelin CarvajalJocelin Carvajal
Website Design and Messenger Marketing Expert, J&J Virtual Marketing

Fulfillment in Connecting People with Homes

I remember this one particular moment that filled me with pure joy! It was during an open-house event for a stunning property in the heart of Montreal. The sun was setting, casting a warm, golden glow over the city, and the atmosphere was simply magical.

As I watched the potential buyers explore the house, their eyes lighting up with excitement and wonder, I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of happiness. Seeing their dreams align with the perfect home, the laughter of families echoing through the rooms—it was incredibly heartwarming.

This memory evokes a mix of emotions for me. First, there’s immense happiness, of course, because witnessing others finding their dream home brings such genuine joy. Second, there’s a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment, knowing that I played a part in making their dreams come true. Last, there’s a deep sense of gratitude, appreciating the opportunity to connect people with homes.

Samantha OdoSamantha Odo
Real Estate Sales Representative and Montreal Division Manager, Precondo

Delight on Beach Day with the Family

One memory that brings me pure joy is from a summer vacation when I was a child. I vividly remember a day spent at the beach with my family. The sun was shining, the sky was a brilliant blue, and the ocean was a clear, vibrant turquoise. I had a brand-new beach ball in hand, and my siblings and I played a game of catch in the shallow waves.

The joy in that moment was overwhelming. The laughter, the feeling of the cool water on my skin, the warmth of the sun, and the pure, uninhibited play with my family created a sense of happiness that was unmatched. It evoked emotions of delight, contentment, and a deep connection with my loved ones. The memory is a reminder of the simple joys of life and the importance of spending quality time with family.

Mark Fong
Mark Fong, General Manager, CEO, hexagon lights

Elation in Completing a Marathon

One of the most joyous moments in my life was when I completed my first marathon.

It wasn’t just about crossing the finish line; it was about the months of rigorous training, discipline, and resilience. I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, mixed with pure elation. It was a testament to the fact that we can achieve anything if we set our mind to it.

This experience taught me that joy often comes after hard work and perseverance. It isn’t just about reaching the end goal, but also about appreciating the journey that leads us there. It’s a lesson I apply in all areas of my life now, whether it’s tackling a challenging project at work or setting personal goals.

Swena KalraSwena Kalra
Lead Writer, Scott & Yanling Media Inc.

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