How Does Inspiration Affect Your Decision-Making Process?

How Does Inspiration Affect Your Decision-Making Process?

How Does Inspiration Affect Your Decision-Making Process?

In search of the spark that ignites decisive action, we asked entrepreneurs and coaches to share their experiences on how moments of inspiration have guided their significant life choices. From a basketball game that led to a career leap to the way personalized coaching can define a business’ focus, discover the impactful stories behind these four professionals’ pivotal decisions.

  • Basketball Game Inspires Career Leap
  • Client Success Drives Business Decisions
  • Community Support Shapes Business Commitment
  • Personalized Coaching Defines Business Focus

Basketball Game Inspires Career Leap

In 2013, something extraordinary happened on the basketball court that forever changed the trajectory of my life. As I sat mesmerized, watching the Florida Gulf Coast University Men’s Basketball team advance to the Sweet Sixteen, I was struck by a profound realization: the power of belief and the courage to dream big.

Until that moment, I had been comfortably nestled in my role as a librarian at Monroe College, a place I adored with all my heart. Every day, I was surrounded by the comforting scent of books, the camaraderie of colleagues, and the eager faces of students thirsty for knowledge. It was a life I cherished, yet deep down, I knew there was something more waiting for me beyond the library shelves.

Witnessing FGCU’s improbable journey, I felt a surge of inspiration coursing through my veins. Here was a team and a university I’d never even heard of, defying the odds and reaching heights previously unimaginable. If they could achieve the impossible, why couldn’t I?

In that moment, I made a decision that would alter the course of my life forever. I resolved to set my goals sky-high, to believe in my own potential, and to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Leaving behind the familiar comforts of my librarian role was no easy feat. I treasured the connections I had forged, the knowledge I had imparted, and the sense of belonging I felt within those hallowed halls. Yet, I knew that true growth lies outside our comfort zones, in the uncharted territories of uncertainty and possibility.

With a heart full of courage and a mind brimming with dreams, I bid farewell to my beloved library and set forth on a new adventure as a writer and entrepreneur. The road ahead was uncertain, dotted with obstacles and challenges yet to be faced. But armed with the inspiration gleaned from a basketball game that changed my life, I forged ahead with unwavering determination and boundless optimism.

Today, as I look back on that pivotal moment, I am filled with gratitude for the spark of inspiration that ignited within me. It was a reminder that sometimes, the most extraordinary journeys begin with a single moment of belief—a belief in oneself and the limitless possibilities that await on the horizon.

So here’s to embracing the unknown, to chasing dreams with reckless abandon, and to finding inspiration in the unlikeliest of places. For it is in those moments of inspiration that our truest selves are revealed, and our greatest adventures await.

Alfonso ColasuonnoAlfonso Colasuonno
Co-Founder, Real Unicorn Apparel

Client Success Drives Business Decisions

During the earlier years of CarePatron, we had a client suffering through a heavy administrative workload that ate away at his evenings. He was very passionate about his practice, which deemed the work necessary, but we felt the need to help him by introducing automation into his current processes.

This freed up two hours of his usual workday, allowing him more time with his family. This affected his overall productivity and mental wellness, which definitely fueled me to keep doing what we’re doing. These moments of success, seeing our clients’ lives and livelihoods improve by using CarePatron, affect our decisions on a daily basis because we want to maintain accessibility and affordability while still delivering optimum results.

Jamie FrewJamie Frew
CEO, Carepatron

Community Support Shapes Business Commitment

In the early days of founding my company, Trendy Ragz, moments of inspiration were abundant. One particular source of inspiration came from the incredible support I received from moms who believed in my vision. Despite being strangers, they stood by my side, offering feedback and understanding when things didn’t go as planned. Their patience and grace fueled my determination to improve and exceed expectations.

To express my gratitude, I made sure to remake any items that didn’t fit correctly and added a free item as a token of appreciation. These experiences highlighted the power of community in building a successful business and reinforced my commitment to delivering quality products and exceptional customer service.

Kristina RamosKristina Ramos
Reverse Recruiter, Find My Profession

Personalized Coaching Defines Business Focus

In the journey of building my online coaching business, a moment of inspiration struck when I realized the transformative power of personalized coaching. This epiphany came while witnessing a client achieve a personal best by following a tailored training plan I developed. It solidified my decision to focus on creating highly individualized coaching experiences, which has become the cornerstone of my business and sets it apart in a crowded digital space.

Another pivotal moment came from the simple act of engaging with my blog’s comment section. A reader shared how one of my articles inspired them to start running after a decade-long hiatus, which led to significant weight loss and improved mental health. This feedback was a catalyst for prioritizing community building and interactive content, reinforcing that my work has a profound impact beyond just the physical aspects of running.

On a personal level, an inspirational encounter with a fellow coach at a conference reshaped my approach to work-life balance. They emphasized the importance of “coaching the coach,’”reminding me that self-care is crucial to maintaining the passion and energy needed to inspire others. This conversation prompted me to integrate mindfulness practices into my daily routine, which has not only enhanced my personal growth but also the quality of guidance I provide to my clients.

Joshua BartlettJoshua Bartlett
Running Coach, Your Next Run

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