How Do You Find Inspiration in Everyday Life?

How Do You Find Inspiration in Everyday Life?

How Do You Find Inspiration in Everyday Life?

Seeking to ignite a spark of creativity in their day-to-day, we’ve gathered insights from founders, CEOs, and other thought leaders on cultivating inspiration. From changing scenery for fresh perspectives to letting nature fuel creativity and inspiration, here are five practical tips shared by seasoned professionals on discovering or creating moments of inspiration.

  • Change Scenery for Fresh Perspectives
  • Mindful Observation Sparks Creativity
  • Collaborate for Stimulating Ideas
  • Journal and Walk to Unleash Creativity
  • Nature Fuels Creativity and Inspiration

Change Scenery for Fresh Perspectives

A change of scenery can do wonders. It gives you different perspectives, new sights and sounds, and the chance to meet new people. And when you return to familiar territory, you can look at it with fresh eyes.

In my daily routine, I take my laptop to a park or coffee shop when I need to break away from the home office. I’ll work in my car, take a walk, or do something to break the monotony. Sometimes inspiration strikes; sometimes it doesn’t. But I never know what I’ll find, and that’s the attraction.

Alli HillAlli Hill
Founder and Director, Fleurish Freelance

Mindful Observation Sparks Creativity

Every morning, before the world wakes up, I take a walk or run. This is my hunt for inspiration. The quiet streets, the first rays of sunlight, and the occasional chirping of birds create a perfect backdrop for my thoughts to wander freely.

During these walks, I make it a point to observe something new or different each day, whether it’s the color of the sky, a unique flower, or an interesting pattern on a house. This practice of mindful observation sharpens my creativity and often sparks ideas for my marketing campaigns.

This simple routine has become my secret weapon for staying inspired. By connecting with my surroundings and appreciating the little things, I find fresh perspectives that fuel my work and creativity. Inspiration is all around us; we just need to step outside and look.

Swena KalraSwena Kalra
Chief Marketing Officer, Scott & Yanling Media Inc.

Collaborate for Stimulating Ideas

Seeking renewed perspectives by touching base with team members, I believe micromanaging is not an effective management style, so I allow my team full ownership of their work.

However, I still schedule a sync-up meeting with relevant team members once or twice a week just to see how they and their teams are doing, if they need support in any area, or are experiencing blockers, or just to hear any suggestions or ideas from them that will help them thrive in their roles. This exchange, despite not being too frequent, allows me to be stimulated with ideas made in collaboration with my team members.

Jamie FrewJamie Frew
CEO, Carepatron

Journal and Walk to Unleash Creativity

To get ideas flowing, I begin the day by journaling so I can reflect on my gratitude and my intentions. This helps me anchor and orient myself in new places and makes me particularly open to seeing new possibilities. After journaling about my gratitude for the diverse talents of my team, I had an idea for a team collaboration that benefited greatly from their unique expertise.

As well, I add ‘idea walks’—moments when I remove myself from my desk to walk and think without constraints. This practice once helped me solve a difficult problem by directly connecting disparate ideas that were, on their face, unrelated. There is ample empirical evidence that the creative combination of the free flow of ideas and a freely moving body can spawn creative insight and novel solutions.

Zoe MillerZoe Miller
Strategic Business Leader & Market Analyst, Tea Time Facts

Nature Fuels Creativity and Inspiration

Whenever I make it a point to get outside, I feel bursts of inspiration. There’s something about being in nature that fuels my creativity. I let my mind wander and let it temporarily rest. Doing so opens up space for new ideas to flow.

Kelli AndersonKelli Anderson
Career Coach, Texas General Insurance

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