What is Something That Makes You Angry?

What is Something That Makes You Angry?

We’ve all encountered moments that trigger our anger, but what specifically sets off professionals at the top of their game? From managing directors to CEOs, we explore the unique irritations that spark their ire. Delving into issues from competitive drivers on the road to workplace egotism, here are four candid revelations about what really gets under the skin of these leaders.

  • Frustration with Competitive Drivers
  • Irritation at Pedestrian Inconsideration
  • Anger at Dishonest Real Estate Sellers
  • Resentment Towards Workplace Egotism

Frustration with Competitive Drivers

One thing that really gets under my skin is when I’m driving and someone overtakes me only to slow down right after. It’s like they’re playing some weird game on the road, speeding up only when I try to pass them back, making it seem like I’m the one driving recklessly. Seriously, driving ten miles over the speed limit should be fast enough, but no, some drivers just have to make it a competition.

The worst is on two-lane roads. There’s always that one driver who’s slow and causing a line of cars to build up. It’s not the slow driving that bugs me—it’s when we hit a passing lane and they suddenly speed up, blocking almost everyone from overtaking. Then, right after the passing lane ends, they slow down again. It’s infuriating! I try to remind myself that maybe they’re not doing it on purpose, that they might just be bad at maintaining a consistent speed without other cars to gauge off of, but it’s still super frustrating.

James McnallyJames Mcnally
Managing Director, SDVH [Self Drive Vehicle Hire]

Irritation at Pedestrian Inconsideration

One thing that really grinds my gears is when people block the way or walk too slowly in hallways or on sidewalks. I’m a fast walker, and it drives me nuts when people seem to have no awareness of others around them. It happens so often, like when someone stops abruptly, and I end up bumping into them; then they have the nerve to give me a dirty look.

And don’t get me started on groups that spread across the entire path. When I’m with friends and someone’s coming our way, we line up single file. But it seems like some folks can’t bear to break formation for even a moment.

Danilo MirandaDanilo Miranda
Managing Director, Presenteverso

Anger at Dishonest Real Estate Sellers

One thing in real estate that really gets under my skin is when sellers intentionally withhold information about serious property defects. It’s not just about the potential financial and safety implications for the buyer, which are significant on their own. It’s the blatant disregard for honesty and the ripple effect it can have on everyone involved.

From a buyer discovering mold or foundational issues after closing, to the trust it breaks in the real estate process—it undermines the integrity of what should be a transparent transaction. It’s not just a property changing hands; it’s someone’s future home or investment. The frustration of dealing with such situations, and the unnecessary stress it causes, is something I find deeply unsettling and fundamentally unfair.

Bennett HeynBennett Heyn
CEO, Sell House Columbus Ohio

Resentment Towards Workplace Egotism

One specific thing that makes me really angry is when someone thinks they are better than you at your workplace. Someone whose ego is very high and they think that they are above all. Someone who doesn’t respect females and thinks they know better because they are older and a male.

This makes me mad because the world doesn’t work like that, especially in a workplace. We are all a team and it is not every person for themselves, plus there is no competition in a workplace. Plus, it makes me angry that people still think less of females because of our gender; it shouldn’t matter because like previously mentioned, we work as a team and not as individuals.

Madison TMadison T
Ecommerce Manager, My Supplement Store

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