How Do You Inspire Yourself When External Sources Are Scarce?

How Do You Inspire Yourself When External Sources Are Scarce?

In search of strategies for self-inspiration when external motivation is scarce, we’ve gathered insights from founders and experts in personal development. From cultivating daily gratitude to embracing rest for rejuvenation, explore the five powerful strategies they recommend for sparking your inner drive.

  • Cultivate Daily Gratitude
  • Practice Reflective Journaling
  • Reconnect with Core Motivation
  • Set Personal Challenges
  • Embrace Rest for Rejuvenation

Cultivate Daily Gratitude

I keep a running list of things I’m grateful for, from simple acts of kindness to big things like my family and home. When I feel like I’m losing sight of what’s important in life, I review my list to remind myself how far I’ve come and how I’m progressing toward my bigger goals. It reminds me to believe in myself and put my goals into perspective. There’s nothing like a little daily gratitude to completely change your mindset.

Alli HillAlli Hill
Founder and Director, Fleurish Freelance

Practice Reflective Journaling

One powerful strategy for self-inspiration, especially during times when external sources are scarce, is to practice reflective journaling. This involves dedicating time regularly to write down your thoughts, feelings, challenges, and the progress you’re making toward your goals. Reflective journaling serves as a mirror to your inner world, helping you to see your thoughts and emotions more clearly, understand your motivations, and recognize your accomplishments, no matter how small they may seem.

An example of how this can be particularly inspiring is by focusing on gratitude journaling within your reflective practice. Each day, write down three things you are grateful for, focusing on the positives in your life and work. This aspect of journaling can shift your mindset from what you lack to appreciating what you have, inspiring you to find motivation from within. Over time, this practice not only enhances self-awareness but also cultivates an internal source of inspiration and resilience.

By recognizing your own journey, challenges you’ve overcome, and the progress you’ve made, you can find a deep well of inspiration within yourself, propelling you forward even when external inspiration is not readily available.

Bruno GavinoBruno Gavino
Founder, CEO, CodeDesign

Reconnect with Core Motivation

One strategy I use for self-inspiration when external sources are limited is to revisit my core motivation and purpose. When I’m feeling uninspired or disconnected from my passion, I reflect on the seminal experiences and realizations that sparked my journey in the first place.

I re-read journal entries from when I was drowning in student debt and struggling financially, recalling those painful yet clarifying emotions. I look back on the core mission behind starting My Millennial Guide—to empower others struggling like I once did with money. Reconnecting to my origin story reignites my internal spark and purpose when outward inspiration sources grow dim.

I also make a practice of collecting and bookmarking inspirational quotes, stories, and progress photos to easily reference during motivational lulls. Seeing tangible evidence of transformations I helped catalyze in people’s lives snaps me out of downward momentum. Curating these reset touchpoints is like storing kindling to relight my fire as needed.

Additionally, when I feel my creativity plateauing, I make an effort to have candid conversations with readers and peers about the real problems they face. Listening to others’ challenges, setbacks, and breakthroughs gets me out of my own head so I can channel that energy into solutions. Focusing outward instinctively leads me to reflect inward on my greatest inspirations.

By maintaining perspective on the foundational reasons this journey started, along with evidence of my progress, I can spark motivation even in isolation. The fire comes from within, but collecting the right tinder to ignite my passions makes all the difference during darker seasons.

Brian MeiggsBrian Meiggs
Founder, My Millennial Guide

Set Personal Challenges

Set personal challenges or goals. This approach focuses on internal motivation, encouraging self-improvement and the satisfaction of achieving set objectives, thus fostering a sense of progress and accomplishment.

John CammidgeJohn Cammidge
Ads Expert for Google Search, JTC Consultant

Embrace Rest for Rejuvenation

Take a break. Stepping away from a project and giving myself the gift of rest and rejuvenation is a powerful way to recharge my creative batteries. Whether it’s a brisk walk, a few moments of mindfulness, or even just closing my eyes—sometimes, the best inspiration comes when you least expect it.

Diane HowardDiane Howard
Rn and Founder, Esthetic Finesse

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